Trans Am - A Celebration of Trans Am and other early ZX Spectrum Games

Welcome to Trans Am. Split into various sections we can all enjoy that early 80's Spectrum nostalgia. If you already feel stirred I'll wager you're between 27 and 32 and names like Jetpac, Hungry Horace, Planetoids, Slippery Sid and of course Trans Am all mean something to you!

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Trans Am, what it was and why I liked it
Get a kinda sorta feel for Trans Am with this Javascript trickery! Play web trans Am two!
Other 16k (yes 16k!) games of the era
Contribute! Tell us your memories, your favourite games and what that halcyon period meant to you!
Links! Other than the webring, here are the five major links for spectrum fans


A little historic perspective on the 80's home computer scene
A little historic perspective on the spectrum's games market from 1982-93

Hurrah - Seems the Spectrum Webring has awoken, and I am a proud member (oo-er)!

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